Editor’s note: I chose you because you need to be spoken to, you need to be heard, you need to be listened to and you need to be loved. Many have oppressed you, many have belittled you, many have neglected you, but I need you to understand that you are not alone.  You have been told or made to feel like you don’t matter. If anything, you are a powerhouse, a generator of greatness, power, love, intelligence, prestige, stamina, honor, integrity, confidence, possibilities and dignity. We are here to empower you, we are here to uplift you because you are more than they say you are! You deserve to be the best you can to deliver all that you have, above all to OWN YOUR EMPIRE & RULE YOUR KINGDOM: and that empire and kingdom is “YOU”.

Permet De Commencer:  “Loving You”

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But what happens when the holder sits to despise the reflection that surfaces on the mirror. What happens when the beholder is unable to hold back a tear when they see the image captured by the camera. Body shame? Its amusing to see how we don’t need internet trolls nor bullies to shame or blurt out mean, uncomfortable things about ourselves, we do a perfect job on our own. Self-portrayal has deteriorated because of the negative affirmations that we tell ourselves daily. Recently I have been sharing some throwback pictures with friends and even my sisters, the 1st thing I hear is “oh I was fat”. But that was not the purpose behind me sharing that picture.  I shared that picture for us to go down memory lane and reminisce on that moment, to share the silliness, jokes and giggles surrounding that moment.  I like to call it reliving memories.

We have come to that point where we can’t even look at our own reflections and shower ourselves with compliments. We seem to be waiting for affirmations from the “right person” which in this context might be a spouse, boyfriend or the crush next door. If these compliments don’t come we start asking ourselves “Am I pretty enough, am I sexy enough, am I good enough, am I beautiful?”. These are questions that taunt and torment us often. But when will you start appreciating you? When will we start appreciating our bodies, the stretch marks, pimples, uneven skin tone.? I am not going to tell you yes and affirm all these things for you. That answer must be shaped by your tongue and spoken out by your mouth confidently, its obligatory it’s a duty for YOU by YOU.

From my journey of selfcare I have come to learn to appreciate where I am with myself: physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s by acknowledging that you don’t like where you are and making the necessary changes for your own satisfaction and growth. Let’s not play; diets, gym, all these unnecessary skincare products can be draining. We waste energy and time that we don’t even have on these things. We are operating on scarcity, and best believe when we run out that’s when we give up. We give up on the diets because they don’t seem to be working, we give up on taking care of our skin because the pimples seem to be multiplying we give up on the gym because our muscles are aching and fatigued we can barely get out of bed.

Imagine if we would operate on the level of abundance. Impossible it sounds right? How even when economics says there are finite resources to infinite needs and wants. KNOW YOURSELF? What do you want and need for you and only you. You are on the internet for hours and hours, surfing for things that might work for you. You try it out, but your being simply rejects it because it’s simply not meant for you. This is a general life principle what works for someone does not always work for everyone else. There is only 1 you, 1 person with the genetic makeup that you do. Just because we share similar traits or behavioral characteristic it doesn’t make us the Same. Let’s draw the line between SAME and SIMILAR. They are 2 completely different words though they share common roots. What I am getting to is that you should know yourself 1st, love you 1st, take care of you 1st, listen and understand you 1st. Yes of course it is selfish because as women we are natural borne nurtures, but how can you nurture others when you fail to nurture yourself? It goes back to the concept of operating on scarcity and that equates to insecurities, low self-esteem, heartbreak, anxiety and depression.

This series is meant to help you dive in the “unknown depths of you”. Challenging you to embrace all the attributes of yourself that you have a love – relationship with.  That way you can stand against anything and protect yourself from unnecessary hurt and damage. I wish it were a one on one conversation, if anything I hate “hiding” behind the screen. That’s another conversation for another day. I do hope however that we take this cruise together. I am still new at this, but we will navigate these creeks together. I look forward to sharing with you my thoughts on health, lifestyle, fashion and wellbeing and in return getting your feedback. Till next time all. Keep loving yourself.


By Ms.T (Zimmodels Beauty Writer)


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  1. Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with the women of the world!!!!

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